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Now a Long Beach, California-based architectural firm, McMahon & Associates is a family tradition. Our family has pursued its livelihood in the field of architecture since circa 1890. Buildings have changed, technology has advanced and complexities have multiplied since we entered the field. That can be said of each successive generation. It is especially true of the current generation. We have seen what was the work of the hand become transformed into the stock and trade of the information technology era. We keep up with the evolution through continuing education and professional development opportunities. We understand how daunting a building project can be for the uninitiated. It is complex enough for those who frequent the realm of building design, applicable building code regulations, the permitting process and its final construction.

Reliable Properties in San Bernardino: adaptive reuse, expansion of the original shell with 30,000sf of additional new building: 150,000sf commercial/retail renovation/adaptive reuse. This view is of the stand-alone addition on excess land. We maximized the investment yield by adding value with 30,000sf of additional rentable area.

At McMahon & Associates, we understand that not everyone can be an expert over such a vast realm, nor do they need to be. We are in a position to provide expertise to those needing the traditional services related to the design and implementation of a construction project, regardless of size, regardless of complexity. McMahon & Associates is a competent resource. It was founded to serve the building and development community, expressly to aid the public in matters of quality in building design

If you are planning a new building, or simply need some building-related advice, give McMahon & Associates a call....More

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McMahon & Associates consists of licensed architects, designers, qualified production services personnel and industry professionals have decades of experience in the building design and allied fields. As an architecture design firm serving the building industry in the Los Angeles South Bay, Orange County and the Inland Empire, McMahon & Associates is well positioned to respond with a full palette of building related services including a team of consultant design and engineering professionals to perform civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and landscape design and engineering. We offer our clients personalized and attentive design services. We are happy to offer advice and any professional opinions based on your vision and preferences.

For conceptualizing building renovations, additions and master development programs for industrial, retail or commercial business campuses, you can count on McMahon & Associates to respond to the project requirements to meet your satisfaction. We believe that every client deserves the highest level of customer service....More

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At McMahon & Associates, we believe in providing high-quality architecture design services. Our team of professionals have decades of experience and are highly competent, suitably trained and skilled to perform successfully on any size architectural project

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