McMahon & Associates-Architecture & Design Services

A few of the architectural & design services that McMahon & Associates can offer you as a client are described below. McMahon & Associates is a full-service architectural design firm. Please do not hesitate to call us for help with your project

Building Design

McMahon & Associates has academic qualifications and professional certifications for building design. Its unique history lends itself to understanding the building process, the building codes that apply, the engineering principles that make it stand and the systems that make it work. To that we add the art of design. All buildings have a purpose. All buildings represent a vision as to what they should be in the context of where they are placed and how they are to be used. They are made from shapes, materials, systems and details selected to meet those objectives. McMahon & Associates mines the resources and delivers the design that achieves those goals.

Site Planning

McMahon & Associates has working qualifications and a deep understanding for site planning. Its work history in civil engineering lends a unique perspective to the site planning process, to the building parameters that apply, to the engineering considerations that enable access, to the coverage considerations for a viable investment and to the infrastructure requirements needed to service a successful development. McMahon & Associates understands the planning and zoning entitlement process and the variables associated with each autonomous municipality.

Renovation Design and Implementation

McMahon & Associates has a long history in serving its clients with renovation services. Its portfolio includes many significant rehabilitation projects in aging parts of the greater Los Angeles area, which resulted in adaptive reuse of tired and outdated buildings types that are ill-equipped to serve the needs of today. McMahon & Associates has experience in cross-disciplines that enable these transitions to occur, transforming an unproductive relic into a useful asset serving the current economic needs of the client.

Space planning - Interiors

McMahon & Associates has an equally long history in serving its clients by space planning offices and other operational spaces. Its space planning expertise extends from years of experience creating custom designs for individual tenants under the direction of building owners, tenants and developers. McMahon & Associates is also positioned to service custom design sensitivities necessary for a range of owner-occupied facilities. If you own a business in the greater Los Angeles area, or are planning to acquire some office space for a new or expanding business, McMahon & Associates will be happy to help you make the best of your new space. We can establish a design program and prepare preliminary concepts that optimize your office space and working environment to increase productivity of the business operations, and to improve the efficiency of your staff. We are a full service design firm and have the ability to take the design from preliminary concepts to working drawings for construction. We process the local building permit applications for you as necessary to implement the construction.


McMahon & Associates has a unique perspective in serving its clients. Its consulting experience includes serving as a liaison for developers on major projects both locally and nationally. This qualifies us to handle every step of architectural design and development, from land acquisition due diligence and site planning to evaluate fundamental obstacles imposed by local zoning and planning regulations. McMahon & Associates is sensitive to budget issues that are at the root of successful projects. We are sensitive to scheduling issues that are often the driving force in delivering a successful project. Our diligence in working with you every step of the way ensures that you will know what to expect before project delivery.

McMahon & Associates has served the building development community with its ability to manage large projects from inception. As a consultant, McMahon & Associates has overseen, contributed to and managed site acquisitions, site planning, preliminary budgeting, multi-discipline design teams, competitive bid processes, and constructions ranging from major infrastructure, building shell and tenant improvements. This oversight, as opposed to the professional design functions offered by McMahon & Associates, serves as a source of technical advice and a construction management resource for development teams in need of experienced technical guidance, where a permanent in-house resource is neither affordable nor available.

Design / Build

McMahon & Associates' consulting experience lends itself to forming design/build alliances. With our knowledge and connections within the industry, we are able to work with a team of consultants to bring your building to life. We will oversee the entire project from design to its final execution on your behalf. McMahon & Associates is a top tier resource for design and construction implementation. Our management skills, afforded by experience, relieve you of the burden of day-to-day oversight requirements of complex projects. We take care of that aspect for you and keep you informed of progress from beginning to end. You give us the mandate and we'll hand you the keys to a successfully completed facility to your own specifications…on time and on budget!

No project is too big or too small, so give Mc Mahon & Associates a call today for more information!